Brook Manewal

Brook Manewal

Candidate for District 18

[email protected]

I am proud to call Stamford my home. I moved here seven years ago so I could raise my family in the same neighborhood where my husband grew up and have my children attend the same schools. I have been an active member of the PTO at Davenport Ridge for five years and am proud to have three children, soon to be four, in the school. I am an active community organizer and founder of the Stamford Women's Talking Circle, a group with over two hundred members founded in 2016, which is dedicated to educating women about issues in their communities, empowering women to get involved in local government, and elevating women to leadership positions. If elected to the Stamford DCC I will focus on supporting qualified female candidates and candidates who will support Stamford families. I will look for leadership that sees all the strengths of our city, and embraces its diversity. I will promote candidates focused on helping our city, and all its residents, to thrive.


I have been practicing law for sixteen years in New York and Connecticut
Davenport Ridge Elementary School, PTO Treasurer since 2015
Active Member of the Stamford PT Council
Homeowner in Stamford's District 18 since 2013
Proud parent of four wonderful kids, three of which attend Stamford Public School and a fourth who can't wait to get there