Chris Malloy

Chris Malloy

Candidate for District 1

[email protected]

I will bring my passion for Stamford, and my experience within the local community, to help the DCC identify candidates that will advance our economy and quality of life. I will work to ensure our city grows in a responsible manner. I'm eager to start addressing issues that matter most to our residents.


Born and raised in Stamford (4th generation) and own a home with (recent) wife Margaret
Attending Stamford Public Schools. Rodgers, Cloonan and Westhill (captain of ice hockey team)
Founder and partner of the Stamford Building Company. Specializing in energy efficient home building in Stamford. Owner of several properties in Stamford
Familiar with permitting, zoning and Stamford's Master Plan
Supporter of Stamford Historical Society and housing preservation
St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee member and supporter
Democratic Party volunteer
Former Man of the Year candidate for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (Washington, DC)
BA in Economics from St. Lawrence University and MBA from Clarkson University