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Why we are running for the Democratic City Committee

Democrats United for Stamford was formed by people who share common goals: identifying and mentoring a new generation of leaders to run for public office, invigorating connections between the party and Stamford Democrats, and serving our community. We are running because we want a Democratic City Committee that is inclusive, transparent, representative of our community, and that’s willing to work collaboratively.

The DCC is the local arm of the State Democratic Party and plays no role in crafting legislation or enacting policy. Members of the DCC are not involved in development decisions, cannot promise solutions to challenges facing our schools, or lower our taxes. Its mission is to build a strong Democratic party in Stamford. It is responsible for recruiting, nominating, and endorsing good candidates for public office to serve on the Board of Representatives, Board of Education, Board of Finance, and other important elected and appointed positions. It is an organization that brings Democrats together, united in the goal of electing the best candidates possible to serve our City, state, and nation.

Candidates of Democrats United for Stamford are small business owners, nonprofit leaders, educators, attorneys, advocates, and volunteers. We come from across the city, have different life experiences, skills, and are in different life stages but we are united by a shared vision for the Democratic Party in Stamford. If elected, we will get to work on day one, using our experience, energy, and pragmatic approach to expand the party and ensure it is reflective of our diverse Stamford community. We promise a DCC that is high functioning, welcoming, and engaging. We will strive for unity among many different voices. We will establish the infrastructure, training, and communications to attract, educate, and develop local leaders and volunteers. And we will move to end the self-dealing that allows DCC members to nominate themselves for an elected office, which prohibits new people from serving in their districts.

Our local Democratic party is on the front lines of protecting our democracy, our rule of law, and our shared values and beliefs. A stronger, more inclusive DCC is crucial to ensuring a Democratic victory up and down the ballot in November. The March 3 election is an important opportunity for you to vote for your City, your party, and your future and to build a Democratic party we can all be proud of in the city we all love. This is why we, Democrats United for Stamford are running and ask for your support on March 3.

Fritz Chery, Greg Bennici, Eneida Lewis, Cynthia King, Emily Gordon, Susana Vidan, Wendy Skratt, Robin Druckman, Lauren MacDonald, Phil Bradford, Caroline Smit, Daniel Scherer, Lauren Meyer, Brook Manewal, Chris Malloy, Erik Findeisen are members of Democrats United for Stamford on the ballot for the Democratic City Committee.


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For Immediate Release

Slate Includes Primary Candidates in Six Districts for March 3rd Election

FEBRUARY 1, 2020; STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT — Democrats United for Stamford, a broad coalition of Democrats from across the city, today announced a slate of 16 candidates for Stamford Democratic City Committee, five of whom have been elected to represent their district and 11 who are involved in a primary election to be held on March 3rd. The Democratic City Committee is the local arm of the Democratic Party in Stamford and is dedicated to recruiting, nominating and electing Democrats at all levels of government. Each elected member of the Democratic City Committee is a volunteer who serves a two year term.

“Democrats United for Stamford candidates have strong roots in our community. We are hard-working, experienced and dedicated to bringing new voices into the City Committee and its work on behalf of Stamford Democrats,” said Wendy Skratt. “Our campaign is focused on restoring integrity to the nominating process for elected offices and advancing the best interests of our city. We are proudly Pro-Stamford and are committed to fostering an environment where smart growth continues and opportunity is created for everyone.”

The candidates running in primaries are as follows:

District 3: Fritz Chery & Greg Bennici
District 9: Eneida Lewis & Cynthia King
District 10: Emily Gordon & Susana Vidan
District 11: Robin Druckman & Wendy Skratt
District 12: Lauren MacDonald
District 16: Caroline Smit & Phil Bradford

Democrats United for Stamford will invigorate and build stronger connections between the Stamford Democratic Party and the more than 29,000 Democrats city-wide. A key tenant of the team’s platform is to recruit and develop the next generation of Stamford’s leaders, ensuring high caliber candidates are nominated for elected office to serve on boards and commissions, putting an end to the practice of City Committee members nominating themselves for these positions.

“In a city with one of the largest Democratic registrations in the state, we have a deep and diverse pool of qualified people from which to recruit candidates for both the City Committee and elected office,” said Eneida Lewis. “It is incumbent upon us to identify and engage these people in our local party activities and give them the opportunity to step-up and run for office. That’s how you build and maintain a strong party and ensure that our local government is truly representative of the people it serves.”

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